Cheryle James

2018 Treasurer


     Cheryle is a native of Sacramento and lives in Rancho Murieta with her husband of 25 years, Raymond.  Cheryle and Raymond are the proud parents of two children.  Their son Paris is the eldest. Paris is a 2016, graduate from Jackson State University, with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship.  Their daughter Milan will graduate is a 2017, from Hampton University with a degree in Health and Physical Ed.  Paris and Milan attended their respective colleges on golf scholarships.   Lastly, Kona a beautiful Cavalier King Charles and is Cheryle's constant companion. Kona is a huge part of the James family.  As you can well imagine, family is top priority for Cheryle.

     Both Cheryle and her husband are alumni's of CSUS.  They are business owners, with 25 years of experience in operating their environmental laboratory.   Raymond is a chemist, who not only oversees, but is also hands on the tests performed in the laboratory. Cheryle’s focus is the attention needed for the administration of the business.  Their work has spanned Northern California, Guam, and Japan.  

     During her spare time, Cheryle enjoys card making which she finds relaxing and running in half marathons for the physical and mental challenges. She also enjoys traveling to warm tropical destinations such as Florida and Maui.  Her travels have also taken her abroad to Europe and most recently to Japan to visit her Japanese relatives.  

     Cheryle has been a member of the Niners for 20 years.  She enjoys meeting new people through the game of golf and the traveling opportunities it provides.  She feels that the Open Days and Away tournaments are the best thing since sliced bread.  She is excited and enthusiastic about serving on the board and looks forward to being a part of this wonderful women’s golf organization. 


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