Regina Galano

2018 Open Days & Events Director

     Regina was born and raised in the Phillipines.  She moved to the Bay Area a few years after college.  She worked as a software analyst in the Bay Area for 15 years.  When her second son was in pre-school and her oldest son in High school, she became a full-time mom and frequent school volunteer.  Regina and her husband are also proud grandparents to a sweet Siberian husky named Aeneas.

     Although her husband has been playing for several years, Regina took up golf when they joined Stonebrae C.C.  She usually likes the challenge of hitting consistently with her irons.  When her game is not going according to plan, she finds other ways of enjoying her round like looking at the view, landscaping and architecture or catching up with her playing partners.

     During the first two years of the Stonebrae Niners, as co-captain, Regina has learned a lot about using the GHIN system, handicapping, how to run a club tournament and the rules of golf and is grateful for the help that other members and directors have extended.

     Regina looks forward to serving on the WNHGA Board of Directors. 


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