Sandy Leung

2017 Team Play Director


      Sandy Leung was born and raised in Hong Kong.   She and her family moved over to the Bay Area  in 1998 through an International work transfer with Oracle Corporation.    Back then, her son was just 2 years old and her husband traveled quite a lot.   So for the first couple years in US, being busy at work, at home and volunteering at schools, Sandy was just an occasional golfer - playing golf once or twice a year!  In 2007 when her son was entering middle school, Sandy decided to quit her job to be a full-time Mom and housewife.  Then her golf life started after joining the Saratoga Country Club 9-Hole Ladies Group that same year!

     Sandy helped in coordinating some of the SCC Niners home tournaments when she first joined.   She then became the group’s Captain for 2011 and 2012.  After that, she took on the role to organize Team Play since 2013 to present.  

     During the past few years as one of the SCC Niners, Sandy had lots of fun playing golf, learning the rules, meeting new friends and also enjoyed the many events organized by WNHGA.  

     Sandy was the Handicap Director for 2016.  She had learnt a lot about the GHIN Handicap Program and had enjoyed greatly working with all the clubs’ Handicap Chairs and the WNHGA Directors.  She is looking forward to another fun-filled year as the WNHGA Team Play Director in the coming year.



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