Janie Quicke

2018 Communications & Webmaster


     Janie Quicke is a Londoner by birth.  She came to the Bay Area when her husband took on a 'temporary' assignment in California.  Twenty years later she, her husband and kids are still here, and loving it!  After having raised two guide dog puppies, Janie now has two Maine Coons (cats!) Mulligan (we thought if we didn't like the name we could try again....) and McCovey - an orange and black tabby acquired at the same time the Giants became World Champions for the second time (woo hoo!!)

     Janie took up golf about four years ago, and against all expectations has become 'hooked' on the game, thanks to the welcome that the Niners at Saratoga gave her.  Her whole family are avid golfers and often have adult v kids tournaments (albeit that the kids are 31 and 29).  She is also a tennis player and alternates between the courts and the course.

     This is Janie's second term on the board, having enjoyed her first two years she looks forward to meeting more ladies in the WNHGA family and playing more fabulous courses.  Doesn't get any better than that!


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