Andrea Cimino

2018 Handicap Director

WNHGA PhotoAndrea Cimino grew up in Southern California after her parents moved their family from Brooklyn, New York when she was  4 years old. The family moved to Simi Valley a couple of years later wehre she grew up. Andrea relocated to San Jose in 1983 after meeting her now husband of 30 years, Dan, in Las Vegas. Andrea and Dan have one son, Sam, who was recently married ... and a beagle named Cider. Dan is the owner of an electrical contracting company which Andrea works for supporting him, handling invoicing, and other administrative duties. Prior to working together at Dan's company, Andrea held administrative positions in different industries over the years, but took time inbetween to raise their son who was an elite hockey player, travelling with him throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as managing his various teams from youth hockey through his college hockey career.

Dan introduced Andrea to golf early on in thei relationship, but she didn't have the time or opportunity to play more regularly until Sam was older and they joined San Jose Country Club, where they have been members for the past 14 years.  Since then, Andrea has been active in the 9-hole group, including being Captain, Co-captain, and San Jose's Team Play Captain for several years.  Andrea served on the WNHGA Board in 2014 and 2015, and is happy to step up to do so again as Handicap Director where she looks forward to serving our players and learning more about the handicapping system.

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