Games with Postable Scores

Games with Postable Scores

Click the button below for a list of postable games that could be used either as a weekly sweeps or as a fun golf tournament.  If you game games you could like to include, please send the rules to the WNHGA communication Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and she will consider adding them to the list.  It is always fun to have new games to play.

Games with Non-Postable Scores

Click the link for a list of golf formats for fun tournaments - especially with guests and spouses.  They are also a great way to begin the golf season with a fun mixer.  You must not post the scores from these games.

**An important golf term is Ghost.  A ghost is a person or team whose score counts in more than one place during a golf event.  For example; If you are playing a foursome game and have one group that is a threesome, you may appoint a Ghost whose score counts in her own team score and in the team that is short a player.  The same can happen if you are missing a team (you would appoint two Ghosts).  The Ghost is chosen and notified before play begins because she must play out every hole and cannot pick up.  The tournament organiser should choose the Ghost based on the handicap that would be needed in the team that is short a player.  Example:  If the missing player would have had a handicap in the high teens, then the Ghost should have a handicap in the high teens.  Ghosts are not used in a scramble or in alternate shot events (unless you are missing a team of two) but they are used in Better-ball and other tournament events.

Only the tournament organiser and the player who is a Ghost know the identity of the Ghost.