Alma Ortega-Avery

2018 Membership Director

     WNHGA is an association of women who enjoy playing nine holes of golf, appreciate the social aspect of knowing many ladies throughout our golfing world, and like the occasional friendly competition.  It's all about having fun and feeling comfortable with your game no matter how you play.  We enjoy traveling to the many clubs within our membership and love the lush scenic golf courses that Northern California has to offer.  Come join us!     

Contact Me

As WNHGA Membership Director I have two goals:

              1. To expand our membership beyond the current private Golf and Country Clubs
                If you belong to a private or semi-private membership golf course and would like your nine-hole golfers to become a part of WNHGA, please contact me.  I will send you all the necessary information and even arrange a visit to personally talk to your golfers.  WNHGA assists you and your Club with every step of the process.  We try to keep it simple and fun.
              2.  To assist our existing Clubs with retaining and increasing their membership.  It's all about the FUN!  We have an opportunity to share ideas on how to bring in new members and keep the ones we have.  Let me know what has and hasn't worked for your group.

We have created a list of FAQs to help prospective members of your country club understand nine-hole women's golf.  This insight helps new members to realise that the nine-hole ladies are a fun group. We're all about recreational involvement in the sport of golf.