Results of the Recent prospective 2017 Bylaw Amendments can be found at 'News from the Board'

Sue IlgSue Ilg

WNHGA 2018 President

     I am honored to serve as your 2018 President of the Women's Nine Hole Golf Association.  WNHGA is a wonderful organization providing us all with opportunities to play in Tournaments, Open Days, Team Play and to support the Corena Green Classic for Junior Girls.  In addition, WNHGA provides support to all of the member clubs with events such as Rules Seminars and the Spring Area Meetings.

     If you haven't had a chance to participate in any of these events, I encourage you to come out and join us in 2018.  The WNHGA events give us all a chance to meet interesting women, and play at wonderful courses, while sharing the game we all enjoy!  I would like to thank all of the WNHGA members for everything they give to WNHGA; without you and your commitment to this wonderful organization, WNHGA would not exist!  The Directors are always there for you and we encourage you to come to us with your questions and concerns.

     I look forward to meeting all of you at one of these events or out on the course.

Change in Membership

WNHGA membership has voted to remove the restriction of a member being both a 9 holer and an 18 holer in Northern California.  Now it is up to each individual club, both 9 and 18 members, to adapt this into their own by-laws.

Up Coming Events

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Changes to the Handicap System


It is important to understand the WNHGA is not driving the change of the ladies 9 hole GHIN.  USGA decided that any golfer in the United States, male, female, private, public, junior etc., would only have one GHIN where all the data would be kept.  They also decided to limit the associations who could license the GHIN system to a few key regional groups.  In Northern California, NCGA was awarded the license.


The tranistion to one GHIN has started and will be handled on a club by club basis for WNHGA clubs.  The process began in November and wll be competed by April prior to tournament season, according to USGA


In a Whirl Wind of Change Here are the Top Questions based on what we know as of 12/1/17


Information regarding this (in a Q & A form) can be found at 'News from the Board'.  If you have any further questons please do not hesitate to contact us.



Let's talk Indexes

Let's talk about 'indexes'.  We know some of you are concerned about not receiving the strokes you deserve once we have our current nine hole numbers converted to the new 18 hole GHIN system.  Let us put your mind at ease.

Currently, all 9 hole clubs have a 'handicap limit' set as 36.4.  This means that your index is capped at 36.4 for 9 holes.  There is a second limit that USGA recommends, which for 9 holes is 20.2.  If you have an index higher than 20.2.  As you know, we do not use this recommendation to reduce anyone's handicap in our tournaments.

Once our 9 hole clubs have been converted to their new 18 hole numbers, the set 'handicap limit' will be capped at 72.8, which is double the nine-hole limit.  The USGA limit will still be 40.4, any index over that will have an 'L' attached.  Again we will not use the USGA's recommendation to reduce anyone's handicap.

We hope this will alleviate any anxieties you may have about this conversion.